From the desk of: Saul Maraney, Damon Green, Faraaz, Venkata

Let me ask you a question. . .

For some bizarre reason, if you happened to answer no to this question, then with all due respect, please leave the page because this information is ONLY for those individuals who are serious about taking their finances to the next level. . .

. . . assuming that the "non action takers" have left the page, let's dive right in.

At this point, I am assuming that you are knee deep in the amount of money you've spent on various products and those so called "silver bullet" methods that are promising to you a bunch of free traffic from Google in a matter of minutes.

Do these sound familiar?

Thought so and quite frankly, I'm not certain if you've had any success putting these methods to use. . . or if it was just one of those "hit and run" products with the main mission of taking a chunk out of your Paypal account.

If these are the bulk of what you've encountered then believe me when I tell you that I feel your pain!

Unfortunately, this is the reality when it comes to MOST YouTube products that hit the market and only a small percentage actually DO work and live up to what they promise.

You see, when it comes to marketing with YouTube and getting TONS of free traffic, the TRUTH is that your efforts will only be effective if you are working with Google by:

Chances are, the TRUTH has been kept from you for years and you've been swallowing the LIES of the "Gurus" hook, line and sinker!

Ever wonder why the world's BEST YouTube marketers have started to migrate towards Google Hangouts, recently?

Because if you want to bank the BIG money. . .

. . . then you are going to need the BEST tools in your arsenal to properly get the job done.

But this isn't just another one of those Google Hangout products.

In fact, these are more advanced than Google Hangouts and we've taken things a step further and want to show you how to drive BOATLOADS of traffic by using what are called YouTube LIVE Events.

Allow me to elaborate a bit further for you.

Hi, this is Saul Maraney from Johannesburg, South Africa, and today I am partnered with the one and only, Damon Green, to bring to your attention, a formula that will be an absolute, game-changer for your business and marketing efforts.

This formula that we are about to share with you is so powerful that. . .

Absolutely not, and if there is one thing that we both would hate, it'd be for anyone to take our word on just how POWERFUL this formula is.

Please do take a couple minutes to listen what others have to vouch what we are claiming here. . .

Jonathan Oshevire

I had the privilege of reviewing this course and witnessing the demo. This is one of those products that teaches methods that's going to work for you, plus if you have a local client of small business and you want to impress them with your skill then youtube live will do it for you. This course is going to make a lot of people money period. I was very impressed

with what you can do with YouTube Live. Am like most people anything slightly technical I run a mile, but Damon showed how I could rank a video and the steps to do it. Once I knew what I was doing I was very excited. I do have a number of local clients and can't wait to show them, this will easily help my business generate more reoccurring sales and referrals once I can continue to rank videos. If you're in local pick this up…

Fergal Downes

"Traffic is the most important thing that anyone looking to make money online needs, but it is also the most difficult aspect of online marketing to get right. Saul has discovered a great method for getting traffic here inside this course."

Lee Murray

"Saul Maraney (from Johannesburg, South Africa... naturally) has risen to the upper echelons of this great business of ours more rapidly than most.

I've been in the game for seven years now... and I can tell you in no uncertain terms, most aspiring IMers never do what Saul has done, which is to essentially become a household name in under a year.

You can learn a lot from listening to what Saul has to say.

But more importantly, you can learn a lot by watching what Mr. Maraney does himself.

Now obviously, styles vary. Saul likes to put himself out there. You don't have to do that. Success comes to those who are entirely and unapologetically themselves.

But Saul has very clearly been this... and if you can read between the lines and pick this man's brains, you will be very well served for having done so.

I've seen this guy grow into an overnight sensation. And I have no doubt that he can help you to do the same."

Not only do we show you what you need to be using in your YouTube Marketing efforts, but we show you how to do it, LIVE, to ensure that you are implementing this formula to it's entirety.

Yes, we hold your hand AND walk you down the path to the goal of effortless streams of YouTube traffic and leaving all of the other YouTube marketers in the dust, struggling.

Damon and I both have a policy that we abide by and that is to ensure an over-delivery in value for each and every product that we create and we can honestly tell you that if you follow every step that we outline in this formula. . .

It's just that simple.

As stated earlier, this information is very well-kept between the world's BEST YouTube Marketers and believe us when we tell you that we are going to piss off most, if not, ALL of them for allowing you to get access to everything for just a dirt cheap, one-time investment of only:

Simply put, Damon and I are two, very generous guys who are all about giving back to the industry and people, like yourself, succeed to the best of their ability with their marketing efforts.

We knew of no better way to do this than to offer you access to this formula, which many consider a gold-mine, for an extremely small investment.

Once again, if you implement this formula to it's entirety, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to get the results that you're after and Damon and I are 100% confident that you will be satisfied with the outcome or we will return every penny of your investment to you.

The only thing we ask is for you to please provide actual PROOF to us that you have put this formula into action and that it did not work for you.

One thing that we know for a fact is that the proof is ALWAYS in the pudding and based on the screenshots and the testimonials that you've seen and heard, there simply is no denying that what you have before you is nothing less than life-changing.

As our final words to you, do not just sit there and continue to search for the best YouTube marketing solution like the other 95% of marketers in the industry.

Believe us when we tell you that THIS is where your search ends and we strongly encourage you to put your trust in us by hitting the Buy Now button below and making your investment.

To Seeing You On The Other Side,

P.S. We've already explained that this information is very well-kept and because of this, we will be removing the Buy Buttons shortly.

Please do take advantage of this while there is still time because we GUARANTEE you that you will NOT find this training elsewhere.

P.P.S. As a reminder, you are at ZERO RISK with our 100% 30-Day money-back guarantee. Damon and I are going out of our way to help you succeed with your YouTube Marketing and you would do yourself a HUGE service if you were to put your trust in us and invest today.

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